2 Tips For Preparing To Tackle An Escape Room With Your Children

If you are looking for ways to entertain your children this summer after the school year officially ends, then taking them to an escape room at least once or twice is a great idea. Escape rooms are fun game rooms that can allow your children to practice their problem-solving skills -- your family will be "locked" in fun theme room and can only "escape" once you have all worked together to solve a series of puzzles. Working to escape the room can also help strengthen your family bond. 

Before your bring your children to their first escape room, read on to learn two tips for preparing making the most of this fun family experience. 

1. Be Sure To Choose an Escape Room with a Family Friendly Theme

Before you choose the escape room your family will visit, find out what the theme is of each escape room in your area. While most escape rooms are child-friendly, there are some that are designed to be very scary, and you want to take your children's ages and personalities into account when choosing the room. 

Common escape room themes include pirates, zombies, murder mysteries, and detective's offices. However, there are also escape rooms centered around more adult themes and/or gore. 

If you are unsure if a local escape room you want to visit will be too scary for your younger child or children, don't be afraid to call and ask as many questions as you need to determine what the "set" looks like, visit the room in advance first, and/or check out any photos of the room displayed on its website. 

2. Bring a Group of Friends If Your Family Doesn't Fill the Room Capacity

Due to their popularity, many operators of escape rooms make sure the rooms are filled to capacity before starting a game. The capacity of each escape room will vary greatly, and if your family doesn't fill the room, you may end up working with several other guests to escape the room. 

If you have any shy children who you are working to help "break their shells," then this will help you give them a great chance to learn to communicate with others while having fun. However, if you want to choose all of your teammates, then find out what the room capacity is of the escape room your family will be visiting and, if your family will not fill the room, invite friends and/or extended family members to join in on the fun. 

It can be tough to find family-friendly activities to enjoy with your children during their long summer vacation. If your family hasn't tackled an escape room yet, then realize that these rooms are not only a lot of fun for families, but they can also help your children work on their problem-solving skills and reinforce your family's bond.