Child Love Basketball And Birthday Coming Up? 2 Gifts You Can Give Them That They Will Love

If your child loves basketball and their birthday is coming up soon there are many gifts that pertain to basketball your child will love. Below are two of these gifts so you can decide the best present they will like best.

NBA Live Game

If your child enjoys playing video games, one game they will love is NBA Live. This is a 3D game and is a simulation of real NBA basketball games. It has the basketball arena, the people in the crowd, and even the advertisements like you see when watching an NBA team play on television.

This game has 30 teams and your child will choose one team they want to play on and then build their team. To build a team, however, your child will have to purchase NBA live mobile coins. You can purchase these coins online through many retailers. The more coins they have the more teams they can build.

If they play NBA live during the NBA season, the game follows the same format as real basketball. Your child can be in control of the game play or they can choose to let the computer set everything up for them.

Your child can play against other players they don't know in basketball games, or they can play against their friends if they own the same game. Just like in real basketball, they can go into the playoffs and continue until they play in the finals and maybe win a championship.

Basketball Goal

If you have a paved driveway consider installing a basketball goal outside so your child can practice playing. You can install a permanent basketball goal. To do this, a hole is cut into the concrete, the pole is placed in the hole, and then concrete is placed in the hole to hold the pole secure.

If you do not want to install something permanent, there are also portable basketball goals that you can use. With this, you will have a backboard and full-sized hoop placed on a pole. The basketball goal is on wheels so you can wheel it anywhere you want it. The pole folds in half so when you are finished playing simply fold it and then roll the basketball goal back to where it belongs.

These goals can be lightweight, however, which means they may knock over easy. To prevent this from happening, purchase some sandbags to place around the base of the goal on the ground. This is a great way to make the base much sturdier.  

When purchasing the portable basketball goal there are some things to consider. For example, if you think your child will do a lot of dunking you should consider buying a basketball goal that has a breakaway rim. The backboard may be made of a thick plastic or thick wood. The more expensive type has tempered transparent glass much like with professional NBA games.

If your child continues to love basketball consider taking them to an NBA basketball game on their next birthday.