Dennis Matthews

Child Love Basketball And Birthday Coming Up? 2 Gifts You Can Give Them That They Will Love

If your child loves basketball and their birthday is coming up soon there are many gifts that pertain to basketball your child will love. Below are two of these gifts so you can decide the best present they will like best. NBA Live Game If your child enjoys playing video games, one game they will love is NBA Live. This is a 3D game and is a simulation of real NBA basketball games. Read More 

Need Some Extra Money? Why You Should Sell Your Video Games

If you're like many people, it's quite common to run into a financial tight spot.  Maybe a utility bill came in and it's much higher than it normal, or you've had some other unexpected expense crop up.  While you might be looking around and thinking that you really don't have anything of value that you can sell, there's one thing you might be overlooking:  your gaming system.  The games that you play on your gaming system could hold the key to helping you jump over your monetary hurdle. Read More 

2 Tips For Preparing To Tackle An Escape Room With Your Children

If you are looking for ways to entertain your children this summer after the school year officially ends, then taking them to an escape room at least once or twice is a great idea. Escape rooms are fun game rooms that can allow your children to practice their problem-solving skills -- your family will be "locked" in fun theme room and can only "escape" once you have all worked together to solve a series of puzzles. Read More 

Play The “What Is True” Game For Fun Team Building

As the manager of a team that has become fractured and isn't working well together, you should take specific steps to re-build your team. The first step is starting all of your team meetings with a fun team building game (Houdini‚Äôs Room Escape makes for an excellent venue). One such game that is enjoyable for everyone is the "what is true" game. To play this team building game, follow this procedure: Read More